Monday, April 19, 2010

Poem-a-day - April 19

Today's prompt: Write a poem to a person

Nancy Sue

The perfect sister
I never had -
but imagined.
A year or two older,
with a blond "flip",
svelte and popular.
She'd mentor me.
Her boyfriends would
toussle my hair.
We'd play board games
on rainy days.
She'd hug me.
She would say
Oh Penny, you're sad -
or scared or angry.
She'd help me to know
myself. I'd be
her maid-of-honor
and she'd by mine.
We'd plan surprise parties
for our parents.
Our house
would not be quiet
or dark brown
or sad. Our parents
would love each other.
There would be
no fights, we
would eat dinner
and say grace
and watch T.V.
with popcorn.

All because
of my favorite sister,
Nancy Sue.


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